1. Valentine’s Greeting and Eye Shadow Looks

    So, I took this personal challenge to film, edit, and upload a Valentine’s Day greeting with quick tutorials on looks that girls can wear on date nights. 


    Although I wasn’t able to post the video here on blog, I’m happy that I was able to pull it off. :) 

    If you want to watch the video, go and just click down below. For both looks, I focused on eye makeup and the lipstick that can go with each look, and didn’t do anything on the other parts of my face. I used the NAKED palette, MAC Brownluxe Palette, and my Markswin Palette. :) For the lips, I used Maybelline’s matte and nude lipsticks, which for the Nth time I’m saying that I’m obsessed with. 

    So there you have it. Hope you guys can subscribe to my channel. 

    xx, A


  2. My January Favorites

    January was a memorable month, not only because it’s the first month of 2014, but also because it’s when I resumed blogging again. Taking my game up a notch by doing video blogs is the challenge that I decided to impose on myself, which so far, I’m truly happy about. 

    Moreover, part of the monthly routine that I want to do as a blogger/vlogger is to share with you my monthly favorites. 

    For January, I do have quite a lot of favorites, which are mostly new acquisitions. But please know that my favorites videos will not be limited to new purchases only. As long as I find myself using the product often, be it something that I bought just days ago or years ago, I will be including that in the video. 

    Until now, after six (6) videos, I’d still say I’m feeling completely awkward in front of the camera and talking to my view finder. :) But practice makes everything better, so I guess in time, my videos will look more appealing, or something like that. 

    I also cannot wait to have permanent set-up where I can shoot my videos in. To date, I’m just filming wherever, sometimes with bad background. But that’s life. I just cannot wait to settle into our new home and have my vanity where I can probably do all these stuff. 

    So there you have it. :) I have one more blog to post, but might upload it tomorrow because I’ve flooded Tumblr’s timeline already. Hahaha!

    Til next!

    xx, A


  3. Get Ready With Me (GRWM) - Office Look 001

    Check out my first ever GET READY WITH ME (GRWM) video. This was taken a few weeks back. It was actually a spur of the moment thing. When I sat down at my desk and was about to put on makeup, I thought why not film it! So I did just that. 

    This is my go-to look for the office. But I also do “barely there” makeup on some days, especially now that I’m trying to expand my taste in makeup. :) 

    However, truth be told that I am such a fan of bold lipsticks, so expect more looks with either red or plum lips! 

    I’ve already filmed another GRWM vid, which I cannot wait to upload soon. 

    xx, A

  4. First Vlog Ever. :)

    Pardon my haggard face. I didn’t have time to really fix my face because I’d like to keep it as “real” as possible, which is in fact an irony because I’m discussing my newly revived fascination on makeup and beauty on this vlog. 

    Anyway, this is just some sort of an overview of what to expect in my blog moving forward. I’ve recently decided to try out beauty blogging. I know there were a few times when I did mention a product or two on this blog, but it’s always just in passing.

    The only blog entry that I have that’s wholly about beauty was on Robinson’s Department Store’s Vintage Vanity event that I attended on August of 2012. 

    For now, I’ve been videoing some “Get ready with me” vids, which are basically videos of me putting on makeup before I go to work or before starting my day at work. Will upload the first one probably tomorrow, if not over the weekend. Manage your expectations though because I’m no beauty guru. I’m just a girl facing in front of the mirror, telling her makeup products that she loves them. Yea, I tweaked Anna Scott’s line from Notting Hill. How creative. 

    I have yet to decide on the label for the beauty section of this blog. I’m open for suggestion though! :)

    So til my next vid! See yah. 

    xx, A


  5. New Year, New Mindset

    Sometime in 2013, I started drifting away from my usual daily routine. Before, my mornings were devoted to this blog. However, due to the mixture of various changes in schedules and priorities, I started leading an unbalanced scheme and living an “ALL WORK, NO PLAY” disposition.

    This year, I want to change that! That’s my mission. This year, I shall find time to continue doing the things that I love to do. Be it, style blogging or simply writing about the things that I’m interested in. From deep subject matters like latest news up to mundane stuff like my latest fashion or beauty must-haves, I’d just go and put them into words and post them here. Besides, that’s how my blog was way back 2005, it was a place where I poured my heart out. I used to be content with the simple thoughts that I get to share in my small part of the World (Wide Web).

    Photo credit: briansolis.com

    This is not a New Year’s Resolution, this is a New Year’s Mission. My mission is to keep afloat and start giving time to pursuing things that would keep my life balanced, more fun, and more meaningful. Not saying that working hard doesn’t make my life balanced or meaningful, it’s just that too much of something is indeed bad. I’ve been thinking hard about it, and I’ve got to admit that I’m getting obsessed with the idea of earning. All I have in mind is just to work, work, and work because I’ve to earn more. But seriously, what’s the primary effect of this mindset? STRESS. A whole dose of it. Sometimes, I like to take a breather, aka sleep. But we all know that when we sleep, we lose seconds in life that should’ve been spent in doing more valuable things. In my case, these things may involve playing with my kids, or reading books, or watching TV series or movies.

    Now, how does that relate to my blog? Remember before when I’d emphasize that THERE IS ALWAYS TIME? I guess that’s the key to living a balanced life, to always find time to do things that make you happy and make your heart sing. Hopefully, by going back to blogging, I can bring back the mantra about always having time.

    So there, no promises, just high hopes for this year. :)

    xx, A