1. New Beginnings


    The seventh month of the year is slowly coming to a close. With the end of yet another 30 days in our lives, some of us may like to ponder the things that happened during this month, and also, what didn’t. 

    This month, I made an abrupt move when it comes to my professional life. One year and 11 months later, I left my job on the 3rd of July because I had to. Unfortunately, the company I was working for had to fold-up their Asia office and we were all subjected to termination. The whole ordeal was bittersweet especially because months back, I’ve declared my “love” for the job and at the back of my mind, I’ve no plans of being unemployed. The idea of going on a job hunting extravaganza for the nth time doesn’t seem appealing at this stage of my life. 

    But life has its way of making us feel alive. Who would’ve thought that one year and 11 months later, I would find myself updating my resume and hard-selling my core competencies to companies, which I would really to be part of, or which I only applied to due to that green mark in Jobstreet that says “Matches your expected salary?” 


    Although I don’t have any “regrets” about being retrenched, simply because I know that I’ve made the most out of my (almost) two years of tenure in the company, I’m still human and the thought of unemployment had become stressful at some point.

    But just like the old times, I tried my best to not feel jaded
    . Yes, I’ve had my “I don’t want to work anymore” moments. I also thought of just putting up my own business, or of becoming a full-time freelancer, of becoming my own boss. However, the better part of me remained positive that something will happen soon, and so it did. 

    About three weeks ago, I was informed by a company consultant about their intention of hiring me. 

    It took a while before it sank in. Oh yea, I’m beginning yet another chapter in my professional life. In fact, it took me a while before I made my decision on this, which became possible because the job offer took weeks to reach me.

    But this is it. One week from now, I’ll be meeting and working with new people again. I will be working in an industry that I’ve never been involved in before. Everything will feel brand new. The thought of the newness of things make me anxious, but just the same, it makes me all the more excited. More than the idea of earning on a regular basis again, I was sold to this job due to the job description. It’s a promising post, opened up to suit my experiences, and I couldn’t wait to just do it. Perhaps, this is me being over-optimistic. I know that this new job will require determination, passion, and time - a lot of it. However, I’ve always been ready for challenges, like I always say. 


    As I get older, I try to think that my value as a person only becomes greater if I set bigger goals and achieve things that are relevant. This is the state of mind that I’d like to keep while I adjust to the new job and perhaps while I continue to learn about the industry and to be good at what I do. 

    This new beginning may not be as welcomed as some other beginnings that I’ve had in the past because it came about due to the end of something that I didn’t intend or want or hope to end, but that’s life. Just like the line in my 6th Grade graduation speech, which I picked up from a song, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” A chapter of my professional life had ended unexpectedly, which was a sad moment. But weeks after, here I am again feeling thankful, nervous, enthusiastic, and hopeful for a new start. :-)

    (Dress - Random OL shop; Coat - Bayo; Boots - Dr. Martens; Lipstick - Russian Red) 

    xx, A


  2. Hashtag: Blogger Problems

    A month ago I realized that I’m not free from what they call “Blogger Problems.” In fact, the “problem” that I have is more complicated than what other bloggers experience. Okay, perhaps, that is just from my point of view. However, this one doesn’t involve the lack of good background or proper lighting. I also don’t mind not having a regular photographer, which other bloggers consider their primary problem, because “regular blogging” hasn’t been my style. (Yea, what an excuse for the lack of consistent updates.) 

    My blogger problem involves…


    My adorable kids. :)

    Whenever these two are awake during the time that I take my outfit shots, the process becomes a whole lot challenging. Why? Simple, they want to be in the photos, especially my youngest, Avery (girl on the right). 

    For sure, regular blog readers have seen a few posts wherein I include at least one outfit shot with either or both of my kids. In reality, there are more than one photo that include them. It takes a lot of cropping to make the outfit shots suitable for my blog. However, as luck would have it, there are photos that cannot be cropped. 


    This photo is pretty much the best example of an outfit shot with “photobombers” that cannot be cropped. Haha. 


    Just to give you an idea of how the “crop” option saves my outfit photos, or well at least the ones that really can be saved, here’s a photo that you would usually see in my blog. 


    This is the original photo. See the head of the “photobomber” there, huh? When the first photo of this set was taken, I asked them to sit on the couch, and when my mom’s about to take my “solo” photo, Avery came running. The result, the back of her head blocking my foot. Nice timing kiddo - not! :P


    The “after” photo.


    The “before” photo.

    Now you know why some of the photos in this blog lack the proper “balance” or focus. Sometimes, I need to crop a great portion of my photos, not only because of my kids, but due to other reasons like messy parts in the background and the like.


    After several attempts of trying to convince my kids that they’ll have their turn to be in-front of the camera after I take my outfit shots, I gave up. 


    Not completely though cause my mom was able to sneak this last photo just before all hopes were completely gone.

    To make it clear, I’m not complaining about having kids. Just to stir clear from any kind of misunderstanding about this blog entry, I’m just sharing the “Blogger Problem” that I often encounter. Perhaps, a lot of mommy style bloggers out there can relate to this. 

    However, this problem pales in comparison with the other problem that I have, which is my lack of motivation to blog regularly. I look at my archives and miss the commitment that I use to devote for this blog; no matter how mundane my outfits are or the ideas that I share here. I miss blogging every week (at least 2-3 times per week). I miss spending a part of my mornings to update this blog. I miss the perks that I get out of showcasing my personal style, ideas, and write-ups. 

    Okay, all these “I MISS” aside, let’s move over to the outfit. I’ve had this dress since January, but only debuted it now here because I always fail to take photos whenever I’m wearing it. This time, I wore it to my sister’s birthday dinner last May. 

    With this kind of dress, one’s not compelled to excessorize. My earrings and bangle did the job. I also decided to go monochromatic to keep the classy vibe. 

    Dress - Topshop
    Shoes - AsianVogue shop
    Earrings - Forever 21
    Bangle - Gold Dot

    Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post, as much I did creating this one. :) ‘Til next!

    xx, A


  3. Ombre-d, Life, and Comfort


    When you had your hair colored over a year ago and never had time to had it retouched, this is how it’d look it. Unintentionally ombre, yea? I’m sort of convincing myself that it looks good. What do you guys think? Not bad eh? Yea? 


    So how’s life? Mine has been a roller-coaster ride the past weeks. The turn of events lately has been quite drastic, if that’s even the right word for it. But then no matter how awful or unexpected things can get, one must continue moving forward. No amount of bad occurrences should hinder someone from looking forward to a brighter future. I believe things happen for a reason, and something awesome’s bound to happen. I claim it!


    Anyway, Manila’s weather still awfully hot! Here’s a comfortable outfit that office people can wear on a typical summer day. Loose cotton top, soft pants, and flats. If you’re working somewhere with a strict dresscode, you can don a blazer when you get in the office, and change into a closed shoes with heels, to achieve the same vibe. 



    Top - Multiply.com
    Pants - Bayo
    Shoes - Forever 21
    Bag - Prada
    Bangle - Divi

    Have a good week ahead everyone! :)

    xx, A


  4. The Vacation That Never Was

    My weeks of hiatus in blogging is probably the only proof a blogger ever need to finally wave the white flag and admit that she has indeed lost her mojo. 

    I’d no longer make promises that I’d be a better blogger this time around. Let’s just see how this will go. :)

    As summer has officially begun a few weeks back, I decided to come up with a summer outfit that’s fit for office setting. I spend a great deal of my time at the office, which means, I don’t have the luxury of time to go on a vacay that much as compared to other people. However, being confined in the walls of my cubicle wouldn’t stop me from feeling (and wearing) the summer vibe. Thus, here you go!

    Do you think this outfit fits the criteria for Bayo’s summer promo? If you haven’t read about that, read it up here! Two days left to join. 

    I know, I know, this isn’t too “summery,” but if you get the chance to wear this pair soft pants that I got from Bayo, you’d understand why this is a summer outfit on it own. 

    The thing is, I’m such a huge fan of soft jeans. This one has become an instant favorite because of its breathable, non-sheer material. The best part is, I got this at 50% off the last time I dropped by Bayo! You’d really score some amazing deals there, so I’d suggest you go ahead and grab their summer collection.

    Top - Dorothy Perkins
    Pants - Bayo
    Shoes - Gold Dot
    Bag - Serial Apparel
    Necklace - FTC
    Bangle - gift

    xx, A


  5. It’s Hard Not to Remember

    …the cool breeze the we had a few months back. So, summer has officially begun here in Manila. Thick, sweater-like clothes out…chiffon and cotton tops in. 

    This outfit, which I obviously wore months back, would be totally inappropriate with today’s weather. As I type this, it’s only 7:00 am but the air feels like it’s almost 10…going to 12noon. 

    But who are we to complain? It’s still a good weather. I’d say let’s take advantage of the summer heat while it lasts. It’s time to take a summery piece of clothing for a spin. Dresses, as always, would be perfect for this season. 

    If I would edit this outfit to make it summery, I’d remove the leggings and the beanie. I won’t ditch my boots though. I think they’re apt for whatever season. To say that I love them tons would be an understatement. So anyway back to my “outfit editing,” I’d probably go for colorful accessories instead of the bronze pieces that I’m wearing here. Now…that’s a summer outfit! 

    Dress - Thrifted
    Leggings - Divi
    Boots - Korea
    Beanie - FTC
    Bangle - Gold Dot
    Necklace - Forever 21

    xx, A