1. It Struck Me Like Brand New (StyleAttempt x AsianVogue Giveaway)

    Wearing old clothes in a different way is definitely the way to deal with a stagnant closet. I made that term up, but it refers to a closet that has the same contents for months and years. Due to practicality, among other reasons, people cannot (and are not expected to) buy new clothes every so often. I, myself, am an advocate of ‘recycling’ clothes and of appreciating ‘what you have.’ As I’d say, “Make do of what you have and stop harboring the things that you don’t have.” It won’t do you good, I guarantee you. 

    By wearing clothes in different ways (tucked in, tied up, worn over or under another piece of clothing), you give yourself a whole bunch of reason to love it, despite it being in your closet for years. Not saying that you should loathe your old belongings. It’s just that (admit it) there are instances when you see the same stuff in your closet, you feel a bit sad (?) or even discouraged to make an effort to dress up.  

    Top - Mango
    Tank top - Mango
    Pants - DressDiaries Shop
    Shoes - AsianVogue Shop
    Chord necklace - FTC
    Bracelets - Bazaars, Bohol, and FTC
    Ring - Mauve


    The formula to dressing up is that ‘there’s no actual formula.’ Living life in style doesn’t require you to be in brand new pieces all the time. It’s about wearing what you have with confidence. 

    NOW, if you really want something ‘new’, then join my new giveaway! (Now that’s segueing in style!)

    I’m giving away one thousand peso-worth of gift certificate from another shoe shop that I patronize, ASIANVOGUE

    (Pardon the all text poster, I made this via Paint because Photoshop has been failing me like heck. /brbcrying)


    • Follow StyleAttempt and AsianVogue in Facebook (Make sure to follow AV’s page, the one with white profile pic) 
    • Follow StyleAttempt and AsianVogue in Twitter (@ayeenregalado & @asianvogueshop)
    • Share the giveaway on your Facebook wall, with the giveaway poster! Sample status: "I want to win GC from Asianvogue Shop and StyleAttempt" or "Asianvogue Shop and StyleAttempt are giving away free shoes!" (TAG: AV’s and StyleAttempt’s pages in your status)
    • Tweet about the giveaway in this format: “I want new shoes from AsianVogue c/o StyleAttempt. #StyleAttemptGiveaway”  (TAG: @asianvogueshop & @ayeenregalado)
    • For additional points, if you’re on Tumblr, follow http://asianvogueshop.tumblr.com/ and http://styleattempt.tumblr.com and REPOST the giveaway.  

    Leave a comment on this post with the steps that you did, together with your name, Twitter and FB usernames, and email add. :)

    Contest runs until August 31, 2012. 

    Winner will be announced via Facebook. Winner should contact me within 24 hours or else the prize will be forfeited. 

    JOIN NOW! :)

    xx, A


  2. The Schu-lover in You (StyleAttempt x Schu Giveaway)

    Shoes are vital components of an outfit. It can definitely make or break your entire look. However, contrary to what most believe, shoes should not be solely about trends or style, but should be about comfort too.

    When it comes to comfort, Schu is a brand that provides. I’m not just talking about the brand’s flats or loafers but even their heels. 

    And because I’m a self-confessed Schu fan, and because I want ONE of you to experience the comfort that a Schu-shoe brings (wow, tongue-twister lang ang peg), here’s a giveaway!

    This was supposed to be a part of my blog’s anniversary giveaway but due to how things turned out the past month and these past few weeks, I had to hold-off the giveaway. But enough of what should’ve been…here’s the giveaway and winning is easy-peasy!

    So, here’s how you can win that pair of Schu:

    - Follow Schu and Style Attempt in Facebook
    - Like Schu and Style Attempt (via @ayeenregalado) on Twitter
    - Share this giveaway by blogging (or reblogging if you’re in Tumblr too) or by posting the photo in you wall (tag @styleattempt in FB)
    - Tweet about the giveaway in this format: “I want to win that Schu! #StyleAttemptGiveaway @ayeenregalado” 

    Let me know if you joined by commenting on this post (with your name, eadd, and FB and Twitter usernames) and by enumerating the steps that you did! :)  

    Contest runs until August 15. Winner will be chosen via Random.org and will be announced in StyleAttempt’s Facebook page. :)

    Join, join!!! :)

    xx, A


  3. Bloggers Wanted ver. 2

    Hey guys and girls! Hope you’re enjoying today’s weather. Don’t you love the cool breeze? I sure do. Although I’m not a fan of ‘rain’, I love this respite from the tremendous heat that we experienced here in Manila throughout summer. :) 

    ANYWAY, I’ve an announcement to make!

    As you know last March, I announced that I’m in-need of bloggers. Bloggers under no specific category, as a matter of fact. I received tons of emails and a handful agreed to be part of the ‘campaign’. And because i loved the outcome of the first one, I’m doing it again for the month of June and July (or probably until Aug, will let you know). 

    To those who do not know yet, I am acting as publicist for an indie-band named PULSERA. And this campaign is actually for them. 

    So, if you’re interested to know more about the details, email me now!

    To those who participate in the first wave of this, GOOD NEWS, you can still participate in this one if you like. BUT, it’s back from scratch. Meaning, you have to email me again so I can send you the updated details! :) 

    Dress used as top - Multiply.com; Inner skirt, boots, and rings - Forever 21; Mullet - DressDiaries Shop; Bag - SM Department Store; Necklace - PULSERA

    To end this post, I’m sharing one of my day-to-night outfits! (That unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take proper photos of.)

    Enjoy the weekend everyone! :) 

    xx, A


  4. My Bag Staple (Sponsored Giveaway)

    Carrying a big and fully-loaded bag is sort of normal for girls. I, personally, will never be caught with a small bag or pouch especially when going to work.  (Although I’ve been dying to use the metallic Elektra clutch c/o Gold Dot. Will save that for the next post.)

    Patent bag from SM Department Store

    The habit of carrying a big bag comes with the not-so-good habit of filling it to the brink. I remember my husband telling me before that my bag’s so heavy and insisting that I reduce its content because carrying such weight won’t do my back good. Taking his advice into consideration, I decided to remove some unnecessary items from my bag.


    What’s left inside are the things that unfortunately I cannot leave home without, which include:

    - Samsung Galaxy Ace. iTouch. 

    - Mango wallet. Halo cellphone case.


    - Lacoste Pink. 


    My sister gave this to me last Christmas. It smells sweet and girly so dabbing a little already suffice for the whole day. It’s my first time to use a perfume with such scent. 

    - Grab by Chocolate Clothing, Co. Cardigan. Baby Phat shades. Pacific Blue eyeglasses. Fan. 


    I always have this cardigan just in case it gets too cold in the office. The shades and eyeglasses are good fashion fixes. 

    - Pen holder. Tissue (something that I can’t really live without). Toothbrush and toothpaste.


    - Memo pad. 

    - And of course, in every girl’s bag - the makeup kit.

    This is the smaller version of my kit. Before, I used to bring one that has all my makeup in it (including eyeshadows that I don’t really use, BB creams, all my lipsticks, and others), now, I squeeze all my daily beauty essentials in this pouch that my mom bought from SM Department Store.


    I sometimes leave the house with my face free from powder, mascara, eyeliner, and what not, except for the lipstick. I can say that lipsticks are my favorite makeup! (Face Shop peach lipstick, MAC Bombshell, MAC Pink Nouveau, MAC Russian Red, MAC Dubonnet)

    Eye makeup. Missha concealer, Avon Mascara, Catwalk Cosmetic’s liquid eyeliner, eyeshadow & brush. 


    Etude House eyelash curler, J&J Facepowder. 


    Accessories for emergency. ;)

    Medicine plastic. This plastic holds different meds that come handy when sudden bouts of headache, stomach ache, and even colds occur.


    One of the meds you’ll see inside is Saridon.

    I am a migraineur, thus having this in my bag is important. 

    Headaches like migraine can be triggered by different things. In my case, stress is the number one culprit. And because of what I do for a living, which is writing, I can’t afford suffering from headache. Hence, a medicine the gives fast relief is extremely important. And as tested, Saridon gives just that.

    "Saridon is an analgesic specially formulated to treat severe headache in as fast as 15 minutes.Each Saridon tablet contains Paracetamol, Propyphenazone and Caffeine, a unique combination that provides effective and long lasting pain relief."  — saridon.thefilipinodoctor.com

    And because its summer and the HEAT causes headaches too, I’m giving away a gift pack from Bayer to one lucky reader: 

    What’s inside: 

    To join, all you have to do is: 

    1) Follow Style Attempt and Saridon in Facebook
    2) Follow Style Attempt and Saridon in Twitter
    3) Share this giveaway in Facebook and/or Twitter: 

    "Win a gift pack from #saridonPH c/o #styleattemptgiveaway."

    Tag @styleattempt in FB & @ayeenregalado in Twitter.

    4) Answer the question in one line by commenting on this post: 

    Q: Why do you want to win the gift pack from thefilipinodoctor.com? 

    Answer format: I want to win the gift pack cause… #saridonPH#styleattemptgiveaway

    The question must be reposted in your comments, together with the hashtags. Don’t forget to also include your Facebook & Twitter usernames and email address.

    CONTEST RUNS UNTIL APRIL 30, 2012, 11:59pm. 

    Winner be selected via Random.org.  

    xx, A


  5. Bloggers Wanted!