A look that you can definitely wear to meetings. :)

Details on the products used are available in the description box on my Youtube channel.

xx, A

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FIRST IMPRESSION: The Lorac Pro Palette

This entry is all about an eye shadow palette that I’m obsessing over, and it’s the LORAC PRO PALETTE. (If you haven’t figured that out yet with the title. Hehe). 
I’d just like to give my first impression on the palette, but I won’t go into details on the shades.


To start off, the Lorac Pro Palette has 16 eye shadows - eight of which are matte shades, and the other eight are shimmers. It has a versatile color combination, which makes it possible to come up with various looks just by using the palette alone, be it barely there looks and all out smokey eyes.

To give you an idea how the colors look on medium skin tone, here are the swatches:


These are the matte shades. From left to right, the shades are: WHITE, CREAM, TAUPE, LIGHT PINK, MAUVE, SABLE, ESPRESSO, BLACK

White and cream look similar, with only a slight difference. Espresso is perfect as an outer V color to add depth to the eyes. It’s one of my favorites. But my ultimate favorite out this bunch is definitely MAUVE. It’s color payoff is amazing. 



Like white and cream, nude and champagne appear similar. However, their difference is noticeable in IRL, with champagne having slight peach / beige color to it. 

An intriguing color here is Garnet. I like its bronzy and rosy undertones and I can’t wait to use in for my future videos. 

My favorite from this bunch has got to be DEEP PURPLE. It’s just the perfect shade for the eyes’ outer V. 


All in all, I love this palette for its versatility, for its superb color payoff and pigmentation, and for not having ridiculous amount of fallout, which I’ve been having a lot with the Naked 2 (Will blog about that soon). Again, just by using this palette, one can create diverse eye looks. 

 Aside from the favorites shared above, I do have other faves from this palette, which are the colors I used for the eye makeup that I came up when I first played with this palette. 


Meet the faves: Champagne, Light Bronze, Deep Purple, Mauve, Espresso, Taupe

As I was saying, I was supposed to come up with a makeup tutorial on the first look that I came up with using this palette, but dear camera didn’t cooperate, so I’m sharing some selfies instead. 

Basically, I went for pinky / rosy / neutral look, which I matched with a pink lipstick. 





I’ve explained more about which shades I used where for this look on my vlog entry. 

Click here to watch. 

Again, I’m giving this palette two thumbs up. I’m actually liking it more than the NAKED palette. If it weren’t for Naked’s Sidecar and Half-baked, I’d probably say that you can do without the Naked palette if you have the Lorac Pro. :-)

Hope you guys enjoyed this entry. Do visit me on YTube, if you have an account there. (My channel has a  weird URL: http://youtube.com/user/whoeveriam0123)

Til my next entry! 

xx, A

(Disclaimer: I wasn’t commissioned to create this review. The product wasn’t sent to me for free. All opinions are based on my personal thoughts about this product.)

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I went to an interview last week and this was the look that I came up with. 

Did I get the job? I have yet to find out. But wish me luck!

And, til next! ;-)

xx, A

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New Section Alert! :)

Thought I’d do another category for my vlogs, and this one’s called “What I Got in the Mail Today.”

This section, or should I call it tag, is all about short videos featuring the package that I recently received - be it for free from sponsors, or from an online purchase. :)

I should have started this category weeks back. But what the hey! It’s new and I’m loving it! :-)

xx, A

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Beauty Bar and Etude House Haul

Something that I’ve done eons ago (exagge). But yea, this is yet another long overdue post. You’ve been warned. 

It was my first time to purchase things from Beauty Bar. I used to just not mind the store, and literally just pass by without glancing on what’s inside. This time though, I got a bit (waaaay) curious and ended up with a few stuff: 

Smashbox Wonder Vision Palette - Inclusions: Eyeshadow Palette, Mascara, and Eyeliner. 

I am not a fan of makeup kits like this because I’d rather buy individual products for the fear that I might not like a product or two in the kit, which may mean waste of money. However, the packaging and colors of this eye makeup kit from Smashbox got me sold (quite literally). I haven’t tried any of these products yet at the moment. But I cannot wait to use it in one of my videos soon. 

Smashbox Bronzer in Suntan Matte

I want to try contouring, and so I decided to get this. This is my first bronzer ever, so I don’t have any benchmark if this products a good one or not. What matters is that I’m loving it (and it’s matte!).

 Happy Skin Angled Brush and Palladio Blending Brush

New brushes, finally! I’m definitely loving Happy Skin’s Angled Brush which I use for my bronzer and sometimes blush! It’s too soft for words, I can’t even… (Hehe)

Palladio White Eyeliner; Burt’s Bees Day Cream (Freebie); Milky You (Sampler not from Beauty Bar)

They say white eyeliner can easily redefine and soften your look, and I totally agree! :) Although this one’s too white for my taste, I just blend it out with a light eye shadow whenever I use it. The other two (2) products are just freebies that I got. ;-)

Now on to the products that I got from Etude House. 

Eyelash Curler 

I love this curler! I’ve been using this for years, and that said, I decided that it’s high time to get a new one because I’ve had my old one for four (4) years already, I think. Plus points for the price, ‘cause it’s only Php75! (Like $1.50) Amazing eh? 

I’m Blooming Cleansing Water

Too bad I didn’t get the milky one that I actually tried in the store. This one reminds me of an astringent. I’ve used this a couple of times and the first time that I tried this, my skin felt tight. However, when I used it again, it felt okay, so I guess my skin just had to adjust to the formula of this cleanser. Nevertheless, I like how this removes all my makeup with just a few swipes. 

So there you have it for this haul. :-) Til next!

xx, A

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