1. notyourordinaryteacher said: is it ok to dye my hair after rebond? thanks


    Sorry I was only able to see your question just now. :) Anyway, I recommend you hold the hair dye for months (three atleast or six months to be really safe) after you get a rebond. I am no beauty or hair expert but I suggest you take into consideration what your hair will go through should it acquire the chemicals brought by the said hair treatments. I know you wouldn’t want to let your hair suffer from lots of chemicals, rightee? :D

    I haven’t tried having my hair rebonded yet, but I think there are some salons that offer hair rebonding packages that include hair colors of sort. Maybe you can try that out, if you really want to change your hair color. Just make sure to also get the proper hair treatments for both the rebond and hair color to maintain the health of your hair. :D

    Hope this helps! Thank you for visiting my site. 

    xx, A