1. {Review / Demo} BH Cosmetics San Francisco Palette

    The BH Cosmetics San Francisco Palette has been out in the market for quite sometime now. It is one of the three palettes released by the brand, which provides beauty afficionados with 16 eye shadow shades and 4 face powders (2 blushes, 1 bronzer, and 1 highlighter). The other two palettes released with this one are the Hollywood Palette and the Malibu Palette. 



    I decided to get the San Francisco palette because the variation of shades of this one is more wearable and suit my taste more. The color range in the San Francisco Palette is more on the neutral side, with cooler undertones, as compared to the other two. 


    What I like about this palette is that you get a lot for the price! I got mine for Php599 (roughly $13 when converted), and that is way cheaper than the price that I had to pay for my Urban Decay palettes. The price is definitely affordable, considering that you get a lot of products.



    The pigmentation of this palette is so-so. Of course, I learned to manage my expectations because I’m paying the cheap price, but in fairness, the color payoff is not bad. NOT AT ALL. Some colors need building up, but that’s absolutely okay! 

    Another thing that I also like about this palette is that it doesn’t have that much fallout! In my opinion, this has lesser fallout than my Urban Decay Naked 2. Not having fallout gives this palette extra points!

    Of course, it is but automatic for me to like an all-in-one palette. Being a mom to two kids, I don’t have always enough time to do my makeup. Thus, all-in-one palettes like this is right up my alley because I don’t have to use other products just to complete a look (aside of course from the foundation, brow pencil, etc. you get what I mean)!


    When it comes to the powders on this palette, I must say I am pretty impressed with the blushes and bronzer. The highlighter is meh, but the other three are amazing, with good color payoff that gives satin-y finish to the skin. 


    All in all, I am enjoying this palette. In fact, MORE THAN I EXPECTED TO. :D 

    I’m happy to get this at such an affordable deal. It is in no way as awesome as the Urban Decay palettes in terms of the consistency and finish of the products, but I can say that the BH Cosmetics San Francisco palette isn’t lagging far behind. 

    I’d also have to mention the cute packaging of this palette! If you’re a sucker for products with cute packaging, then you know that you have to have this in your collection. 









    For the tutorial on the look that I’m wearing here, watch the video below: 

    (Want to own this palette? I have a suggestion, head over to my Youtube channel. *wink wink* )

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  2. June 2014 Favorites

    Hey hey!!!

    Monthly favorites time! Posted this a couple of days back on my channel, and as usual, I forgot to repost it here. What a shame!

    But anyways, I still had it up early soooo still doing some happy dance here. :) 

    Join my giveaway!

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  3. I’m a self-confessed lipstick junkee, and I own several lip products ranging from nudes to plums. 

    For the summer season, I have a few products that I tend to gravitate toward more often. Sharing those products here. :) 

    Products mentioned in this video: 

    - NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Antwerp

    - Maybelline Mat1 Bold Matte 

    - Revlon Smoked Peach

    - Revlon Colorbursts Matte Balm in Audacious

    - MAC Lady Danger

    xx, A


  4. {What I Got in the Mail Today} Collective Edition - Beauty and Home Haul


    A new video is up on my channel! I decided to do a haul video as my come-back video because I suck at time management the past weeks, and I had pretty good purchases over the past months…sooooo…

    And it also includes the GIVEAWAY that I’ve been mentioning since May! :) About time, eh?!

    So, what’s at stake, you may ask (especially if you’re more interested in the giveaway, which is okay guys)? 

    Well, here’s a quick rundown of the prizes: 

    -Body & Earth Shower kit (shower gel, body lotion, and bath salt)
    -Grace Cole England Shower kit (body wash, body scrub, body butter, and soap)
    -Strawberry Surpise Reviving Shower Ritual (shower gel, body lotion, and soap)

    All you have to do to win any of these kits is to: 

    - SUBSCRIBE to my channel. 
    - Like my VIDEO
    - Comment on the VIDEO sharing how you pamper yourself at home

    FOR MY TUMBLR FOLLOWERS / BLOG READERS, here’s surprise twist on the mechanics, if you don’t have a Youtube account, you may follow my BLOG instead. :) Also, you may leave your comment here or share my post on your blog, with the note on how you pamper yourself at home

    Three winners will be chosen. Giveaway ends on July 20. Open to Philippine-residents only. :) 

    Thanks for watching bye!!!

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  5. My April Favorites Video’s up! :) 

    Had to wait for 24 hours for the video to finish uploading. Whew! 

    Next video’s a product review + demo. And the video after that might be a tutorial + giveaway! :) 

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